The boat
R.I.B. stands for Rigid Inflatable Boat and that abbreviation is the collective name for this boat type.

The boat is a combination of hard hull and rubber boat. This combination provides the ability to maintain a high speed in all conditions.

Tornado High Performance 9.5
The Tornado 9.5 High Performance has been designed to provide a secure and efficient long-distance RIB that has a tremendously high speed.

Lake characteristics and performance that at the same time also match a smooth and comfortable driving. The hull is designed with a very narrow V-shape and high lifting of the bow which allows the boat to cut through even very large waves.

This construction makes the boat very stable even in extremely severe weather conditions.

With dual motors totaling 600hp and advanced electronics, it provides a perfect combination for offshore transport.

The boat is also equipped with the latest navigation and safety technology such as four color plotters, radar, VHF, three batteries, extra large fuel tank and more.

Length: 9.45m
Width: 2.8m
Weight: 1700kg
Fuel tank: 400 liters
Engines: Yamaha 2 x 300 hp
Propellers: Three-blade steel propellers
Performance: Top speed approx 60 knots, economy speed approx 45 knots.
Model: Tornado High Performance 9.5
CE marking: Category B
Maximum passenger: 12